Providing Impeccable Experience is How You Win More Customers

Providing Impeccable Experience is How You Win More Customers

Believe it or not – great products aren’t enough to win customers. Today’s markets are crowded and pretty competitive and customers are exposed to millions of products and brands vying for their attention.

It is becoming more and more difficult for businesses to cut through. Luckily, there is one strategy that shows promise in helping you attract attention and breakthrough delivering impeccable customer experiences.

According to one research – By the year 2020 customer experience will trump price and product as the key differentiator. The same research shows that more than 80% of buyers will pay more for positive customer experience.

When you provide unexpected experiences that surprise your customers, not only will they be attracted to you, but they will be so delighted that they will tell their family and friends about it. Whenever I find a brand that amazes me, I simply can’t shut up about it. I believe you do the same thing.

That is why brands like Nike, Ritz Carlton, and Goop have included customer experience as part of their Relationship Marketing mix.

The best part is that this approach can work for you no matter the business you are in. I will share three examples of brands who have used experiences to win new customers. You can follow their lead.



Nike is known for creating fun events that make people want to be a part of them. The leading sports brand recently launched new running shoes – Nike React. Instead of promoting the product and plastering ads everywhere, they decided to do something different. They produced pop-up houses “House of Go” in a few cities around the world.

The houses were filled with activities designed to show the different attributes of the show. For example, sponge pits to demonstrate how “spongy” the shoes are. The atmos[here made visiting the pop-up houses a fun thing to do when it was open. Thanks to the social media photos people shared, millions of people visited the houses and were amazed by the incredible experience.

The friendly and cool atmosphere attracted both non-runners and runners alike and encouraged product trial. A friend of mine visited the House of Go in Buenos Aires and the staff convinced him to try on shoes and run with them around the block.

Deliver unforgettable experiences that are unique and worth talking about. Your goal can include a must-attend event that promoted your new product and introduced new potential customers to your brand and getting people excited about trying your new product.



Ritz-Carlton decided to mobilize the entire team to provide remarkable experiences. As you know part of the motto of the popular hotel is to deliver an experience that stimulates the senses. They fulfill even the most unexpected and unexpressed needs and wishes of the guests. The brand carries out its vision by inspiring the employees and empowering them with the resources to do so.

They do that by providing their employees with the ability to spend $2000 per guest per day. One senior account executive explained this approach – employee empowerment is being able to use your natural skills to create a long-lasting memory for guests and have the confidence that the company will support you 100% in your efforts.

The truth is that sometimes the wow moment happens in the blink of an eye. If your employees are not inspired or empowered, you need to do something right now or these wow moments could be easily lost.

My advice to you is to set your intention about how you want your customers to feel after trying your product and interacting with your company. Then empower everyone on your team with the resources they need to accomplish your vision.



Goop uses insight information to deliver unique content the customers wants to devour. Two years ago or in 2017, Gwyneth Paltrow’s company tripled the revenue thanks to the content delivered.

Yes, this confirms that you can deliver incredible experiences to your consumers digitally. The Chief Content Officer at Goop, Elise Loehnen, shared that they talk to their readers the way you talk to your friends, giving them all the information and content they would need to feel like they are making the best decision or the best purchase.

Integrating with customers, talking to them, sharing opinions and discussing different subjects has allowed Goop to develop more emotional and deeper connections with their customers. That special connection fosters loyalty and helps the brand serve the customers with high-quality content with insights that are almost impossible to find elsewhere.

The company also started a podcast. These moves into other mediums came as a result of requests from the customers who feel comfortable with the brand to share what they want.

The communication and the relationship you build with your customers can serve as your advantage. When you have a certain kind of intimacy with your customers, you can use what you know about them to deliver experienced you know they expect from you.

With every interaction, you deliver an experience to your customers. So, take this opportunity to deliver unforgettable ones. Create experiences that draw customers closer to your brand and get them excited about your brand, they want to tell their friends and family about you.

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