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A Quick Guide to Cloud Marketing

Let’s face it – the Internet is an inseparable part of our everyday lives. It is really no wonder it has become a crucial part of small businesses and large enterprises. While it allows customers to purchase fast, with ultimate convenience, it also helps business owners and entrepreneurs make their products and services visible to potential customers.

What Is Cloud Marketing?

The term cloud marketing may seem a bit confusing to some people. But, there is nothing too mysterious or complicated about it. Being a relatively new technology, cloud marketing defines a set of marketing efforts that businesses implement via online channels and sources. In other words, cloud marketing involves all of the methods a business may use in order to attract customers and engage with them online.
Even though we are used to the traditional advertisements and TV-based promotions, cloud marketing allows businesses to use the available tools to reach one major objective – reaching the potential buyers.

The thing that makes cloud marketing an attractive and comprehensive tool is that it is suitable for any type of business out there, no matter what market area or industry it is operating in. Cloud marketing can be combined with traditional printed ads or can be implemented on its own, the end result will be effective for sure.

The expansion of cloud marketing depends on the users. It will spread more as we integrate the Internet into different spheres of our lives. It is not surprising since the method brings measurable and obvious results every time.

The Pros of Cloud Marketing

Using cloud marketing tools has proven to be very helpful by lots of businesses. Amazon, for example, is a company that doesn’t have a single store and promotes via online channels. Yes, it is pretty impressive and it also shows that cloud marketing is able to offer many benefits.

  • Customizable Advertisement: With online tools, you can target audiences using the content people are most likely will be interested in. If you want, you can create personalized promotional materials such as emails based on the online history of the user.
  • Reduced Costs on Marketing Materials: There is no need to print anything or purchase TV time. Although it may require some costs, cloud marketing is not as expensive as the traditional advertising methods.
  • More Distribution Channels: Your campaign won’t be limited to radio, TV or newspaper. Online marketing opportunities are endless. As long as you are creative, you can promote your brand and your products/services however you like.
  • Improved Efficiency: When using cloud marketing, you can get the results you want faster than with traditional marketing and regular promotion.

Developing the Marketing Cloud Model

Every effective cloud marketing model consists of planning and specific steps. Each model is challenging to implement since cloud marketing requires you to operate on various platforms and through multiple channels, all at the same time. Developing a marketing cloud model will demand specific steps to be taken:
  • Identifying the main goals of the campaign. This will help you find out the path you should take and what tools will be best to use.
  • Creating an advertising copy and composing catchy multimedia materials. At this point, you need to establish the concept, as well as, the aesthetics of your marketing campaign.
  • This is the step when you move the content online. It is important to find enough distribution channels and make sure they are working properly. If you decide to share something on your website, it should be addictive.
  • Maintaining content should be done daily. Also, you might need to take down irrelevant information and add some new, fresh info, update pages, respond to the feedback, etc.
  • Following and analyzing the campaign. It is important to evaluate how your message is being accepted by the target audience and how your customers respond to it.

Despite being a bit complicated and challenging, cloud marketing is what will help you deliver the right message in the right place at the right time and reach your potential customers.

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