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7 Powerful Instagram Ads to Try for Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Innovation is the core of the way we live and function today. Innovation is good because it makes things easier. Just take a look at the internet. The advent of the internet changed the way we live and will continue to impact our everyday lives in the years to come.

At the same time, communication has also changed. I’m not talking about text messages and phone calls. I am talking about brand communication. A business or brand communicating with its audience to sell a product or service is what marketing is all about.

Marketing is essential for existence, as well as, the productivity of a brand. Without its customers, a business would have no objectives to achieve.

Digital media has transformed the way businesses market themselves and their products or services today. There are a few advantages to this change – digital marketing is more effective, quicker, and cheaper.

Instagram is without a doubt the most used social media and digital platform. Any brand is present on it. Millions of users are being exposed to fresh content daily. It is a great opportunity for both existing and new brands to make sure of the tools available on the platform and create effective and stunning ads


Story Ads

Instagram Stories are a popular feature on Instagram and almost 80% of the active users post stories at least 1-2 times a week. Some users post stories daily which means there is a lot of traffic being generated through Instagram Stories. Story ads are all about targeting.

They appear while a user is switching between stories of two accounts. The ads are backlinked with a “swipe up” option which leads to the business’s profile or their online store. This is an excellent way to redirect users to a brand’s page. Story ads appear for a few seconds before the next story shows up and once gone they can’t be revisited. Most users know this so they are more likely to click and swipe up if they want to find out more.


Photo Ads

Photo ads are the most common type of ads on Instagram. The photo-sharing options allow Instagram account holders to share images of their choice with people they had connected with or followed on Instagram. However, today the scenario has changed. People are using photos to promote their products, services, upcoming events, and more.

Photo ads require content that is related to whatever is being promoted, tags of the brand, relevant hashtags so the users can find their way to the post, and catchy captions that give the audience more details about the product or service.

Both businesses and brands use photo ads generously so their accounts are filled with photos that are being used to promote something.


Video Ads

Many brands create video ads because the viewer rate is higher when compared to other mediums. Instagram allows 30-60 second videos to be posted so brands use their video content accordingly and either post teasers or full-fledged ads to the actual ad which takes them to another platform like YouTube, for example.

Video ads that are captivating and creative work well because the receiving audience is in a large number and views can double in a matter of minutes if, of course, the promotion is done right.


Sponsored Ads

Sponsored ads are an available option for business accounts and allow the brand to promote their posts through special or paid ads. Paid ads appear on the target audience’s feed with a link to their w-store, website, or to the Instagram profile of the brand. This allows the brand to sell their product/service to the target group and increase the reach and followers in no time.

Sponsored ads are a great way to promote giveaways, contests, and upcoming events that the brand wants to see participation in. Sponsored ads help with directing followers towards the business’s profile and increase engagement.



IGTV is a new feature on Instagram that is being used by influencers and brands to post videos that aren’t promotional but counts as an ad. When Rihanna launched her brand “Fenty Beauty” she used IGTV to post videos like tutorials and user reviews on her products. The videos are still available for viewers to watch anytime they want, just like on YouTube.

It worked great for the brand, with more and more users requesting more videos. When using IGBT, viewers can post videos as long as 20 minutes.


Mapped-Guided Ads

Even though this type of ad isn’t used by many brands, it is pretty effective. Mercedes recently used it to give their followers an option to customize their own car. They used the tagging option to direct the followers from one page to another based on the customization options the chosen. The result is a picture of a car they should go for based on their specific preferences and from there they can contact Mercedes and take things forward.

It is a great way to connect with your audience and promote your brand at the same time. This type of ad would work well for a product-based brand and increase the click-through rate they receive.


Carousel Ads

If posting one photo is not enough, carousel ads are a great option to use. Carousel ads allow a user to swipe through 3-4 images promoting the same ad, however, keeping them engaged in the same post for a longer time. These types of ads can be sponsored if multiple photos are promoted.

Backlinking is possible and it is excellent for brands that are trying to sell a new product.

There are many options to promote your content and with so many users, you need to be creative. These types of ads are going to get more effective in the times to come. Keep them in mind!

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