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10 Marketing Cloud Platforms Used By Successful Businesses


Different businesses are focusing on prioritizing technology to make their marketing teams productive. In the last couple of years, many things have changed, including the way a business interacts with the customers and how they purchase online.

This is just one of the reasons why you need a marketing cloud platform. These platforms provide the user with a complete overview of the customer data which helps in the improvement of marketing strategies. Marketing cloud platforms give the user the advantage to remain connected with the customers through channels such as social media, emails, mobile, web, and more. The platforms will function to develop an effective marketing strategy, improve customer engagement, and increase ROI.

Marketing Cloud offers a portfolio of solutions for customer journeys to get valuable information about campaigns, customers, social interactions, and more. Marketing Cloud solutions allow customers to run marketing campaigns and manage results based on those campaigns. Marketing Cloud offers core marketing functionality as a SaaS solution that includes automation, data services, content, and targeting.

It is a cloud-based and digital platform that is integrated with analytics, emails, and social management tools. The platform develops a marketing strategy by tracking relevant customers data such as customer preference, behavior, etc. It allows marketers to automate tasks that may be complicated and time-consuming.

The platform also provides the functionality of content creation, web personalization, management, and more.

1.Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud is a set of solutions to get insight into customers, manage content, build personalized campaigns, and assets. The platform includes marketing solutions for Campaign, Analytics, Experience Manager, Audience Manager, Media Optimizer, Social and Target.

The platform has a set of tools for real-time and predictive analytics that can be used as a third-party source. It includes Marketing Reports and Analytics, Insight Application, and Ad hoc analysis.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps to make the most of customer interactions such as creating cross-channel, personalized customer journeys that deliver top-notch brand experiences.

The platform provides Mobile, Email, and Web marketing with ExactTarget, Digital Advertising with, Social Media Marketing with Social Studio, B2B Marketing Automation with Pardot, and more.

2.Salesforce Marketing Cloud

3. Nielsen Marketing Cloud

Nielsen Marketing Cloud empowers agencies, brands, as well as, media companies to connect with customers on a more personal level. Nielsen Marketing Cloud combines analytics, world-class data, marketing activation, media planning, and data management platform capabilities in one platform.

The data unity facilitates an understanding of customers and target audiences, superior ROI analysis, and even more effective one-to-one messaging. The platform offers powerful marketing applications that can be used on their own or in combination with others.

4. Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle Marketing Cloud delivers enterprise-grade capabilities professional marketers need to unify customer data, attract the right audiences, and provide the high-performing marketing programs.

The platform combines Oracle Content Marketing, Oracle BlueKai, Oracle Responsys, Oracle Eloqua cloud service offerings. Oracle marketing allows marketers to impact customers to remain loyal, find the right products, and become ideal customers who serve as promoters for their brands. This platform solution helps marketers move beyond transactions and achieve long-lasting relationships with the target audience.

5. IBM Interactive Marketing Solution

The IBM Interactive Marketing solution provides a set of capabilities to engage in relevant and personal marketing for an online-offline, inbound-outbound, real-time world. The platform includes IBM Interact, IBM Campaign, IBM eMessage, IBM product recommendations, IBM Marketing Operations, and IBM Livemail. It delivers relevant and personalized marketing messages across various touchpoints.

FICO Analytic Cloud is a web-based solution for creating, customizing, and using powerful, analytics-driven services. All users are able to try hands-on testing with FICO Solution Stack, explore the FICO Analytic Cloud Community, experiment with FICO’s platform for Big Data analytics, and collaborate with Analytic Cloud Marketplace to sell and purchase add-ons, analytic components, and more.

The platform helps businesses create successful customer centric-strategies through predictive models, deep analytics, and multi-channel communications to target when to offer and what to offer.

6. FICO Analytic Cloud

7. Hubspot

Hubspot is a popular inbound marketing and sales software solution that helps businesses get found online, generate more leads, and convert those leads into paying customers. The platform includes tools that allow marketers, as well as, small business owners to manage SEO, social media, blogging, landing pages, and marketing analytics.

The software platform allows you to measure your marketing funnel and the results in one place. From customer acquisition to website traffic, the tools offered help you explore all the metrics you need to be a data-driven marketer who makes decisions and gets better results.

8. Message Cloud

The Message Cloud platform contains everything business owners and marketers want from a digital strategy allowing them to own customer moments with an engine that creates messages triggered by customer behavior. The platform empowers businesses to influence their customer journeys, engaging with them at every touchpoint.

Message Cloud provides customer insights that help businesses recognize different customer segments which would stimulate sales.

9. Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform

Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform helps marketers to master digital marketing and achieve their goals. The software helps marketers understand the target audience, engage them on their terms, and manage the marketing team for success.

The platform allows you to drive customer engagement by following customer behavior across social, web, advertising, and email channels and communicating within the Mobile Marketing environment.

Teradata Marketing Applications empowers your business company to be more agile and create right-time marketing campaigns that captivate audiences. Finally, you can use powerful marketing automation and support your marketing campaigns.

Thanks to this tool, you will be able to generate integrated insights using customer data from touchpoints. Teradata Services can provide the marketing support and guidance you need to boost the value of your investment.

10. Teradata Marketing

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